Home Builders – An Old Tradition In A New Age

Today's home builders have a wide variety of technology available to them. Appliances can communicate with each other, thermostats can automatically set your home temperature to your preferences, and alarm systems are becoming more efficient and reliable all the time. While some of the most recent devices have been highly publicized, others have not collected as much attention. Let's take a look at some technological advances you may not have seen before.

Steam Cooking

This method of cooking has been around for thousands of years. Sometimes offered as a secondary cooking oven, steam cookers can be used to do everything from baking bread to steaming seafood – and many prefer this method for cooking vegetables. Temperatures in steam ovens vary, with temperatures ranging from 212 degrees F to 570 degrees F. The biggest advantages of these devices are speed and efficiency: cooking a chicken in a steam oven set to 212 degrees takes about 20 minutes compared to the two hours required in a conventional oven.

Touch-Open Cabinets and Drawers

Imagine facing a kitchen full of cabinets that have no external hardware. You're wondering how you open these if they do not have any handles, so you touch the surface of a door – and it opens automatically. This innovative technology, available for drawers as well, makes it easy to handle the logistics of cooking and cleaning, even with your hands full. What's more, the smooth, automatic movements of the cabinets and drawers give your kitchen a sleek, futuristic appearance!

Custom Pantries

Pantries still come in the traditional style, but what makes the newer ones different are the extra features. Depending on your needs, you can opt to have a mini-sink and mini-fridge available along with a small food preparation area. Today's pantries can be well hidden yet stylish, offering more storage area for food items while cutting down on the amount of cabinet space needed in the primary kitchen area.

Refrigerated Drawers

These drawers are being offered in combination with a refrigerator. They allow for more cold and chilled storage areas in different locations throughout the kitchen. This extra storage space makes it easy to organize and store different types of foods and beverages, whether you want to refrigerate the most-used foods in a drawer or keep the smaller area as a beer fridge.

Whichever way you decide to go, today's new households can offer you many new experiences in the way of ownership. With so much technology available to the new home buyer, you may have a hard time deciding which new devices to incorporate into your new house. Call or visit your local home builders today to see how they may help you.