Home Improvement Tips That Many Homeowners Do not Think About

If you're a new homeowner or have never been involved with a home renovation project, it can be intimidating when it comes to getting your hands dirty and doing things around the house. This is why I've put together a collection of tips that you should keep handy for when you decide to make improvements to your home.

1. Keep your remodeling waste materials dry. Although you may be inclined to simply toss your old carpeting, drywall pieces or wood – for example – outside to keep it out of the way before you bring it to the dump, keep in mind that most pumps make you pay by weight for disposal. A carpet wet from rain can triple in weight, and lumber can nearly double. Save money by keeping waste materials dry.

2. Measure hanging light fixture clearances. Even if a chandelier or pendant lamp is gorgeous, you need to make sure that it works within your space. It needs to be practical in height and other space restrictions. If the light is hanging above a table, you need a clearance of at least two feet from the tabletop. Above a stairway, make sure that even tall people will be able to walk under it safely. Otherwise you will not be happy with your purchase and you'll need to buy a new one and install the replacement, wasting time and money.

3. Wear gloves when working with silicone caulking. Although you may hate carrying out precise work with gloves on, it is extremely difficult to get silicone caulking off your hands if you touch it. Soap, nail polish remover, acetone, and other products that can often work magic for other problems will not work for silicone caulking.

4. Make pipe connections tight, but not overly so. Although you do want all of your connections to generally be tight, you bought to be mindful not to over-tighten them. When you're fitting a joint that's been appropriately cut, cleaned, and sealed, all it should require is hand tightening and also a half turn. Over-tightening risks causing damage – especially in the case of plastic or copper pipes – which can lead to leaks and possible damage to your house and belongings.

5. Buy a patio heater. When it begins to get cool in the evenings, avoid your get togethers from falling apart by buying an outdoor heater. They're available in tabletop electric form, or a larger propane heater for larger areas. Fire pits and chimneys are also fun and effective, but you bought to review your local bylaws to find out if they're legal where you stay.