Home Staging: 5 Keys to Succeed In Selling Your House Or Apartment

Are you going to sell your house or apartment soon? In order to get the best price, take a little time to sell your property. In addition to the necessary repairs that you must do absolutely, these simple cosmetic improvements can help you give your home or apartment a new lease of life and sell it faster.

Do not forget to put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer so that your house is sold as soon as possible.

Start with these 5 helpful tips:

1. StoreYour Belongings in Boxes

Hiding your belongings behind piles of mess will not help potential buyers fall in love with your home or apartment. Store all items that you will not use for months in boxes (Christmas decorations, winter clothing, sports equipment, old toys). Remove any objects or damaged furniture that clutter the rooms and store these items with a Sydney removalist

2. Clean and Improve Your Entrance

Get out and take a look out the window. Potential buyers can arrive in front of your home a few minutes before the real estate agent. Make sure the door is clean and all the glasses are sparkling. Repaint the door if it is in poor condition. Finally, add a new doormat, a new mailbox and pretty flowerpots on each side of the door.

3. Repair Your Broken Blinds

Decrepit shutters or torn or bent blinds will not help you sell your house or apartment quickly. Remove them and replace them with new ones or pick them up and repaint them.

4. Clean Cupboards

Cluttered or overloaded closets for business and household items will make it seem like there is not enough room. Store or give away things you do not need elsewhere. Once the cupboard is empty, clean it, check that the doors are running smoothly and put the bare minimum of items in a well-organised way.

5. Give a New Touch to Your Floor

Carpet worn, dirty or of a colour of another century can scare your potential buyers in a few seconds. Remove it and make the floor appear as if it is in good condition. Buyers will not have to wonder what’s underneath and will probably fall in love with the appearance and patina of the wood.