House Training A Dog – How To House Train Your Dog

House training a dog is one of the largest subjects when it comes to dog obedience training. If you do it right, there is not that much of a hassle. However, many people have trouble when it comes to potty training their dog because there is a bit of a commitment involved. In his article, I will give you some tips to train your dog quickly and effectively.

Dogs do not think like humans do. They do not have the ability to reason like we do, nor can they interpret verbal communication effectively. However, they can make simple associations. All dog training boils down to creating positive associations to positive behaviors and negative associations to negative behaviors.

This means you will need to have a strategy for positively reinforcing good behaviors when house training a dog. What are yours? They can be simple words of encouragement, affectionate touching, or even treasures and chew toys as rewards. Anytime your dog does something positive, you must reinforce it. The quicker you reinforce it, and the more consistently you reinforce their behavior, the more of that behavior you will get.

Also, develop a strategy to punish bad behavior. Usually, a simple "No!" and a look of disdain is good enough. Additionally, you might tug on their collar to show them that you do not approve of that behavior.

Potty training a dog revolves around routines. Until you have properly trained your pet, you should have a schedule for when you take them out. Ideally, you should take them out every morning around the same time, 20 minutes after they have finished their meals, and before bedtime.

Also, put your dog on a feeding schedule as well. Feed them at the same time everyday. This way you are taking them out at the same time everyday as well. These types of routines make it easier for dogs to learn to act how you want them to act.

Finally, when house training a dog; you must be patient and loving with them. Dogs rarely learn overnight, but if you are affectionate towards them and you continuously work with them you can train them properly it takes a bit for you to understand the different signals your dog will send you, but by patiently observing them you will soon be able to pick up on the minority communications your dog is giving you.