House Warming Gifts: A Great Way to Say, “Welcome Home!”

Nothing is as exciting, or as exhausting as moving into a new home, and the perfect house warm gifts are the ones that allow the new movers to have a quiet moment of reflection. Many times, you want to give a house warm gift to someone moving in next door, or to someone you love who is moving away.

These are probably the toughest gifts to give, because you might not know the new movers, and you might not be in a position to visit your loved ones in their new home right away, if they are moving far away.

For house warm gifts for new additions into the neighborhood, consider collecting delivery menus from your favorite restaurants, buying coupons to your favorite cleaners, and create an address and telephone number book. Paste business cards, and create detailed lists (including directions) for emergency numbers, doctors 'offices, dentist' offices, mechanic's, the best butcher's, or grocer's, etc. Just make it a bit easier to find these places, and recommend the people you trust to the new neighbors.

For the perfect housewarming gift, add a basket with nice napkins, bagels, cream cheese, jelly, a set of nice coffee mugs, some nice tea bags, a jar of honey, or maybe a tin of imported ham, and a loaf of home -baked bread. Tuck the phone book into the basket, and your thought will be long remembered.

For a great house warm gift to give loved ones who have moved away, consider using an online service to deliver a nice prepared picnic lunch to their door the day they are moving in. They certainly will be tired from the trip, and will not have food in the house. If you make arrangements ahead of time, you can even use your home computer to make a video of the family, telling them you are with them in spirit.