How I Mowed My Lawn

In my beautiful garden with grass and tress and plastic chairs, there's one piece of furniture that denotes stability and strength. This is my wooden picnic table. It is not the trendy plastic type that can be pushed from one place to another but one of those kinds that has been placed under a particular tree and will remain there till time immemorial I guess! The reason why I am saying so is because it is absolutely immovable. Once I had thought of moving this solid piece of furniture in order to keep it in a different place and give it a new setting at the same time to help me lose a few pounds. But no matter how much I huffed and puffed that piece seemed to be immovable.

The day that I finally took a decision to do some serious work outs, my first step was to mow my lawn. I was convinced that it would prove to have a three fold out, one being the most obvious and that is to make my garden look neat and trimmed. The second of course being a necessity to help me lose weight and also keep me mentally active as it would allow me to think without being disturbed. The third being a very unusual way of consideration and that was my husband getting more time to be with my daughter. As he took care of our daughter who is two years old while I would mow the lawn.

So I started mowing my lawn completely engrossed in my job and wanting to do it with complete dedication. But barring my need to perfection was the same table; there were some blades under its legs and around it that needed mowing too. Since it was my first hands-on experience with mowing the lawn, I wanted to mow every blade. I thought I would be able to finally pull it at least a little to the side but no matter how much effort and grunts I made it would not simply budge. The only thing I managed to achieve was making a funny sight for my husband and daughter who had a field day watching me push to no avail. So now all I try to do is mow the areas I have accessibility to and then leave the trimming to my husband. This is what you call division of labor.

One wooden object showed its strength and made me realize that some things could not be moved and should not be moved. It looks good in its own place, just right under that particular tree. Another very essential thought hurt me that this is one piece of furniture that will never be blown away when and if strong winds blow towards us. Also, it stuck me that stability is an important characteristic in our day to day life as it gives us strength to face any sort of hardships. Lastly that old is gold so everything is not moved or thrown, it has its own space and all this I learned from a single piece of furniture, my wooden picnic table.