How Long to Sell House During a Recession?

In normal economic times, answering the question of how long to sell house is relatively easy. Broadly speaking, just over 40% of sellers get a sale within a month of placing it on the market. However, given the current economic situation, things are a lot different. Whilst there are still hoards of buyers, they generally want to pay much less. This article shows you how to sell your house as fast as possible, and get a good price too.

It all starts with the initial advertising investment. Good ads mean more prospective buyers and a much faster sale. Because we’re in a recession (ironically because people bought houses with money they didn’t have) there are just about double the amount of places on the market. To make yourself stand out from the crowd you’ll need to be exciting and original in your ads. Never mention that your price is negotiable, and make sure to use the internet to the max.

When you’ve generating a lot of interest through your well written advertisements, think about how you’re going to present your property to them. Again, you’re going to have to offer something unique and original. In fact, holding an event-style mass showing with all your prospective buyers at the same time can effectively give the impression of high competition and style.

If you choose to hold a mass showing, you might like to read into “home staging”, which basically means hiring a bunch of upmarket furniture to give your place a posh look. Surprisingly, this tactic works wonders, especially if you’re asking for a relatively high price.