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How much does a translator cost for a Spanish diploma translation service?

Depending on the nature and use of language, some language translations would cost more than others. Rare dialects spoken in the Alps will be more expensive than French or a Spanish translator. The availability of language is the primary factor that decides the cost of the translation.

Language availability

The factor that decides the cost is the availability of the translators. Similar to the language’s availability, a certified translator in a native niche language would be very difficult to find. The limited employment supply jolts the price in the upward direction. The client would not face these challenges for languages that are readily spoken.

The second factor that influences the cost of the Spanish diploma translation is the word count. Assuming your document has over 50,000 characters, the cost would be monumental. It will be higher than any of the documents containing a lower word count.

Length of the document

Most professional translation businesses price their business based on words. It is a fair factor that supports the hard work translator is doing with the meticulous linguistic conversion. You can assess the price for yourself by counting the words available. Haggle a better or a fair price when you step in the market looking for professional service.

The next factor involves the expertise and experience of the translator. Basic economic rules apply to the translators too. The more qualified and competent the translators are, the more they will charge. However, this is no fair parameter to assess the final translation. Native speakers or translators with decent experience can sometimes perform a better translation than a certified translator.

Source of business

You may backtrack when you hear the prices of professional translators, and that’s okay! However, you will compromise when you think about the correctness and accuracy the translation may carry. Hiring a professional translator is entirely different from hiring a linguistic enthusiast, seasonal translator, freelancer, or a close friend.

Translation businesses work just like any other business with the primary aims to survive and generate profit. You may face difficulty haggling and negotiating prices if you are a one-time customer. The business will charge you a uniform rate for a Spanish diploma translation. On the other hand, if you are a business that might bring in continuous certificates and diplomas for translation, a lower rate may be established. It goes without saying that the closer the deadline is, the more the client will be charged because of added pressure and time constraint.

The cost of Spanish diploma translation at Kings of translation

Certified document translation

This version of the translation will cost you $30, inclusive of service and sales tax.


  • A high-quality translation is guaranteed.
  • The translation will be certified officially.
  • Kings of the translation will provide you with a digital copy of the translation.
  • A mail package will be sent with the printed translation to your house or residing address.

Specialized text translation

The second form of translation is based on per word, as mentioned earlier. The final amount is inclusive of sales and service tax.


  • The business charges 4 pence per word.
  • The translation is performed by a linguistic expert.
  • The translation is certified and free from misrepresentation and false information.
  • The translation mirrors the source document.

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