How To Buy And Fit A Kitchen Door Handle Or Knob

Your kitchen design can be affected by Door handles and as it's considered an important part of your kitchen design. They will decorate your initial style of your kitchen. It is touched much time each day. More often it should an attractive, stylish and durable to maintain your kitchen design more gorgeous.

You will face up some of questions while thinking for new kitchen door handle, which are detailed below.

1. Are you going to replace an alternately kitchen door handle or a new installation?

2. What are you actually looking for, a kitchen door handle or door knob?

3. What style of handle you want to buy?

4. What size of handle would be suitable for your kitchen door?

5. Have you got the tools which are required while fitting a handle?

Fitting new kitchen door handles is very hard as they should have two holes. Distance between the hole called "hole centers" and one modern kitchens these will be:

64 mm 96 mm 128 mm 160 mm 192 mm etc in increments of 32 mm.

For replacing the handle simply unscrew the old bolt, and then fit the new handle using your Philips screwdriver. The process for fitting a unique handle not just takes more than two minutes. Replacing the door and handles will give a completely new look to your kitchen. This approach also allows you what quality, style and size knob or handle you like.

Kitchen door knobs

Changing an existing kitchen knob is not hard. But a new one is little tricky because of making a new hole. While changing the knob simply remove the existing knob. We recommend you to use a Phillips screwdriver for unscrewing or bolting.

Fitting a door knob or handle in a new door is slightly complicated as there is a need to drill holes in your new door and drawer fronts. The most important aspect you should keep in mind while fitting door knobs or handle is consistency, so you should buy a jig to make sure all the holes are drilled in the right place on every drawer front or kitchen drawer.

You will need Handle Jig, 4.0mm drill bit, Philips screwdriver and Cordless drill during this process.