How to choose a glass door refrigerator

If you’re running a bar, restaurant or shop, the chances are you will need a refrigerator which allows your customers to see products on offer without the need to open and close doors excessively, letting all the nice cold air out. But how do you choose your new refrigerator?

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Following our top tips below should help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing the perfect glass door refrigerator for you and your clients. Just remember to keep it clean; when the door is see-through, dirt will show!

New or Pre-loved?

Obviously, buying second-hand can save you precious cash, but if it hasn’t been properly maintained, you may end up spending more money than you save. Make sure you check that the compressor isn’t worn out and all components work properly.

If the unit is not fully functional it may be more beneficial to buy new, particularly when you consider the warranty and maintenance services which are usually included when purchasing a new refrigerator. It should ensure compliance with food safety and hygiene standards.

How Big Do I Need?

Remember, glass door refrigerators are measured in cubic metres, so you need to be clear on how much food / drink you need to store to ensure you are buying something big enough for your needs. Usually, capacity on these units can be worked out based on the number of doors, but it is still worth checking what capacity you need before making a purchase, which can either not leave you with enough space or make your refrigerator look under-stocked.

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Similarly to the above, there is no point in buying a refrigerator that doesn’t fit properly. Make sure you have carefully measured the available space (height, width and length) for your unit before shopping so you can be confident you have purchased something that will fit. Retailers such as can assist you with checking you buy something just right.

Don’t Forget the Doors!

Naturally, the doors to your refrigerator will need to be opened at some point, so when measuring available space, also think about whether the doors will swing out or whether you would prefer to find ones which slide to save space.Hopefully, using these tips will enable you to find the perfect cold storage solution for you.