How To Clean Cat Urine, And A Few Tips For Removing Cat Urine Odours From Around The House

If you are a cat owner then you will probably be aware of the problem of how to clean cat urine and removing cat urine odours. It's not just a question of mopping it up and going over it with some warm soapy water, this may seem to clean it up but it is just a quick fix and you will soon have that cat urine smell coming through again.

The main problem of removing cat urine odors and the cat urine itself (especially on soft furnishings and carpets) is that it is usually not detected right away. It's often not until you get that familiar cat urine smell coming through that you realize that your cat has not been using its litter box, but has been urinating where it should not.

If you do not find any places where your cat has urinated straight away then this is when the problem of that powerful cat urine smell begins. If cat urine is allowed to dry it starts to form into crystals, these crystals are what makes the removal of the cat urine smell so difficult. You may think that you have done a good clean job, but as soon as these crystals become damp or moist then they start to release that smell again. This is why it is so important to know how to clean cat urine thoroughly.

For one way of how to remove cat urine from small or light patches you can make an effective potion using one part distilled white vinegar mixed with two parts warm water. After blotting up as much of the cat urine as possible with paper towels, scrub the affected area with this mixture. Once it has dried go over it again this time with just warm water and then allow to dry thoroughly.

For cleaning old or heavily stained areas where your cat has urinated more than once, (this is very likely, as cats can smell where they have messed before even when you think you have done a good job cleaning it up, and they will urinate there again and again.) I would recommend renting a wet-vac machine from a tool hire store. These machines work like a vacuum cleaner, they force clean water through the carpet and then suck up the dirty stained water back into the machine.

When it comes to how to clean cat urine from upholstery you will have to have a bit more gentle. Dab the affected area with paper towels or a soft cloth to remove as much of the urine as possible. Using another soft cloth go over the area with your vinegar water mix gently rubbing in a circular motion working from the outside inwards. Again rinse with plain warm water and then dry gently with a hand held hairdryer.

Once any soiled area has been thoroughly cleaned and discharged, I would recommend using a good quality pet odor neutralizer which you can buy from your local pet store. Follow the instructions carefully to avoid any damage to your carpets or furniture.

These are just a few easy steps to take on how to remove cat urine, and removing cat urine odours. A lot of these accidents could have been avoided by potty training your cat, this may sound an obvious answer but you will be surprised just how effective and easy cat potty training can be. Just following a few simple training techniques could save you a fortune on cleaning materials, and of course you will no longer have to put up with that lovely cat urine smell.