How to Create an Ideal Housewarming Gift – Kitchen

One of the most exciting times in a young couple's life is the first time that they move into a new home. It may be a house that they just bought or the couple's very first apartment. Whatever the occasion, there are a few ideas that can help you make an ideal housewarming gift basket.

You may want to choose a gift basket with a kitchen theme. You could include baking items, such as measuring spoons, a measuring cup, a whisk, a casserole dish, and various other baking utensils. You could also purchase baking products such as baking soda and baking powder as well as a small bag of flour. You might want to include a few of your favorite recipes, reducing the ingredients so that it will feed two people. You may also want to write less complicated directions if the couple is not familiar with baking.

You could also choose a cooking gift basket. This basket could include such items as a set of spatulas, two different sized skillets, and a cutlery set. You can purchase other items as well, such as non-stick cooking spray and potholders. Again, you could include some basic recipes that will enable the couple to cook simple meals.

A grocery gift basket is another good idea that can be used for a housewarming gift as well as a gift basket for a child that is going off to college. You can start this basket by purchasing all the necessary items that a young couple will need. These necessities could include a bag of sugar, a bag of flour, salt, pepper, garlic powder (or garlic salt), ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and any other items that the couple will use every day that they may not have thought about purchasing themselves. If they do already have these items, the couple can store them for future use. Some other ideas for products that you could place in your grocery basket are canned goods, paper plates, and paper towels. You may not want to purchase anything that needs to be refrigerated as the couple may have already bought supplies and may not have the room to store anything extra.

Another kitchen gift basket that you could design could include a set of canisters to hold sugar, flour, and other items that can be stored easier in a closed container. You might also consider purchasing a small spice rack as these products often include spices that are not used every day. You could add a small bread box to your basket as well as a cutting board. A gift certificate for a local grocery store would be a nice final touch to your grocery gift basket as this will give the couple the opportunity to buy any additional food items that they may need.

When creating your kitchen gift basket, you may want to use a laundry basket or a cloth grocery carrying bag instead of a traditional basket. This will enable you to include more items as well as larger ones. The couple will also be able to use your "gift basket" again. Using trim that is colored with the earth colors such as pale green and brown will give your gift basket a homey look.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can create an ideal kitchen gift basket. No matter which items you decide to include in your own basket, a young couple who are just starting out will appreciate any help that you can give them.