How To Easily Install Interior Window Shutters Yourself

When it comes to many home improvement projects a lot of people are fearful or apprehensive about doing them on their own just because they have never done it. When it comes to installing your own shutters this does not need to be the case, installing your shutters is not a difficult process at all. The main thing to remember here is to work with shutters that are specifically built for each individual window opening in unison with the detailed instructions from the manufacturer.

The first thing you need to do is measure the window opening where you want to install the shutters. Depending on whether you will mount them on the inside or outside this is where you will need to measure.

If you are going to mount them on the window jamb on the inside of the window opening, which is the preferred method, you will need to know the width and height across the inside of the window framing. The reason this is the preferred method is because it makes for a cleaner installation and does not require additional hang strips or frame strips, you just have to be sure the window you are working with is square and has a solid window jamb to screw into .

Next you need to determine the depth of the window by measuring from the front plane of the window back to the near obstruction that will obstruct the louvers and keep them from rotating. If you prefer, the manufacturer you bought your shutters from can also tell you the window depth for the style you ordered. Sometimes the manufacturer may suggest an alternative installation method to use in case the window is out of square or if it has a drywall opening without a solid wood jamb using rear hanging strips concealed behind the shutter panels that will allow adjustment up, down, left, and right for easier alignment.

If you choose to mount outside of the frame you will attach to the wall or existing trim just to the outside of the opening of the window. Usually the frame will surround the shutter panels on three or four sides, depending on whether or not a lower sill exists.

Hanging strips are used if you decide to install a cafe type shutter style, the hanging strips will be screwed directly to the wall or trim, and the hinge of the shutters attached to the frame or the hanging strips.

The old adage of measure twice cut once applies here too, also be sure to use a steel tape for the most accurate measure possible.