How To Sell Your House Quickly When Emigrating

While so many people are currently entering the UK, it's important to note that there are also several million people leaving the UK each year. One of the problems people face when immigrating is trying to sell their property quickly.

This is particularly problematic in the quiet winter months when the market is quiet and is certainly not helped by the current property market being in a real slowdown at the moment with prices stagnating and even falling in a lot of places.

Plus even in a strong property market your property can still remain on the market for months if you are competing with several other similar properties in your area, so it can be a real problem because you often want to cut your ties with the UK completely and get some money in the bank so you can buy a much cheaper property abroad and start your new life.

In this scenario you could of course rent out your property but even if you use a letting agent you still need to stay in contact with them and can not ever really relax in your new country.

The good news is that there are ways in which you can sell your property quickly without having to go down the traditional road of using an estate agent.

If you look in a lot of newspapers and local publications you will often find adverts for companies looking to buy your property from you.

Now obviously they're not doing that out of the goodness of their own heart. There's obviously something in it for them, and that something is usually the purchase of a property below market value, which they can then either rent out or sell on immediately for a nice profit.

While the thought of selling your family home for 10-20% below it's true market value may not immediately sound beneficial to you, it should be noted that you will also save a lot on estate agents fees as well as a lot of other related fees in some cases, plus you get to sell your property quickly and easily, allowing you to get money in the bank and focus on starting your new life abroad.

To give an example, let's say your house is worth £ 340,000 and you are looking to buy a property in Spain for the equivalent of £ 170,000.

Now you could either put your house on the market with an estate agent at £ 340,000 and hope to achieve a price close to this asking price (which is extremely illegally in the current market and it could have been on the market for months on end) or you could contact a quick sale specialist, obtain a quote and sell it in just a few weeks for say £ 300,000.

So as you can see if you are looking to emigrate and want to sell your house quickly then the best way in my opinion is to sell your property to a company that actively buys property from people looking to sell their property quickly. You will not of course achieve the full market value, but if you want to move quickly and do not want any more ties with the UK then it may well be a price worth paying.