How to Turn an Ordinary Storage Shed Into a Garden Potting Shed

If you have a big enough outdoor storage shed, it can easily be turned into a very useful and comfortable garden potting shed with just a few small changes. Let's look at some of those ideas …

1. If your shed does not already have a window or two, you might want to consider putting one in. This is not too difficult to do with sheeps, but you may have to buy an expansion kit for sheds made of other types of materials. Having one or more windows in your shed though, will allow you to make a whole area dedicated to sprouting seeds even before the frost is off the ground.

2. Put in a wide shelf or table. The primary work area in a garden potting shed is usually the potting bench. You can create a potting bench by simply using an old wooden table, or you can put a nice wide wooden shelf at waist height along one wall. If you can put this potting bench in front of a window it will be even nicer, because you'll be able to look out on your yard and garden while working, and your seedlings will have a source of sunlight.

3. Get a comfortable stool. When you're working at your potting bench for hours, you may tire of standing so long. Put in a nice bar stool which fits right for the height of your bench, so you'll be able to work in comfort. If your potting bench is fairly long, you might like having a rolling stool so it'll be easy to move from one end to the other.

4. Put frequently used items under your bench. Things you use the most such potting soil or compost can easily be stored under your potting bench in large tubs or bins. Be sure to put a small trowel into each bin so you always have a scoop available each time you need to use one of the materials.

Your ordinary shed is now ready for your potting activities.