Ideas For a Successful Christmas Wedding

Christmas is a festive season. It is a time during which everyone is happy and can enjoy themselves. Holding a wedding during this time affords couples the opportunity to blend their joy with that of the general community and ensure a successful wedding ceremony. A Christmas wedding theme enables a couple to leakage on many things. We discuss how to get your dream Christmas wedding without spending a fortune.

You would spend less on decoration with your Christmas wedding theme. If you are marrying in the church, the floral, mistletoe and arches would have been already done in anticipation of the festivals. You should schedule your wedding close to 25th of December when the decoration would still be fresh and intact.

Buy cheap Christmas lighting from you local shop to supplement that of your church. You can buy the twinkle type or the flashing set whichever will suit the existing decor. You can hang the lights on the windows, at the entrance or around the doors.

It is a good idea to hold your ceremony or reception in a place with fireplace so you do not spend extra money on heating. You would not want to make your visitors shiver in cold during the ceremony. You can alternatively choose a hall with heating already provided.

It would be fun, especially for the children, to bring Santa to the wedding. He can stand at the entrance or some special pace and hand out gifts to children. The Santa can be at your reception too – cheering up your guests as they go about their meals.

Lastly, you can sing carols together with the guests. You should choose very popular ones. The couple can begin and later ask the guests to join them. The singing can be accompanied by a piano or not. If you have a choir, they can do the singing together with the guests. The carols can be sung at the reception or at the ceremony itself.

These special tips would help you hold a Christmas wedding theme at a cheap price.