March 1, 2021


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Irritating Boyfriend

Women tend to criticize men for many reasons. Some include: being emotionally unavailable, inattentive to their feelings, for being unaffectionate, leaving the bathroom seat up, dispersing their socks in all corners of the house and not answering with an assertive "NO", to the daily interrogation "Does this make me look fat? ".

In other words, reasons to complain and condemn your partner will always exist. The most important, is to remember that each person is different, and we are all equally entrained to our uniqueness.
Most identical twins have different outlooks on life and ways to do things *, how can you expect a spouse to be the same as you? It is a big mistake to attempt to change your partner, you have fallen in love with his flaws and particularities, to change him now, is to forget the very reasons that you combined.

One woman told me that she views looking for a partner, as picking out the right pair of shoes. She needed them to be comfortable, of a good quality and visually appealing. Seemingly, such an analogy is unfair, as it objectifies the partner. It implies that the foot may be foul smelling and dirty, yet the shoe should always be at the height of her expectations. Instead, I suggested she looked for a "shoelace" that would complement the shoe. This approach implies coordination, not simple acquisition.

To sum it up, we should all be more tolerant and understanding towards our partners. Some differences are substantial, as the desire to have children for example. While others are worth overlooking, as the time it takes for one to get out of bed once the alarm clock rings.

You will have to take a step back and reflect on your relationship. Does it apply to you? Do you get irritated when your spouse does not fulfill your expectations? Are you paying too much attention to things that are not really substantial? Are you accepting your partner the way he or or you are trying to shape him into a different person?

Men and women think differently. It is not a myth; it is the result of distinct brain anatomies. ** This explains why women pay great attention to things men never even notice. This also explains the difference in the way we process information. For example, women take into consideration many aspects when dealing with a particular issue. Men tend to analyze the same issue, using one facet at a time.

Not only are we different, but we are also human. Therefore we are expected to make mistakes. Knowing this, we need to be more forgiving and patient with our partner, and create an environment at home where he or she will feel secure and nurtured, rather than criticized and undesired.

"What counts in making a happy marriage is not so much how compatible you are, but how you deal with incompatibility" – Lev Tolstoy.