Keep That Bathroom Clean This Summer

Summer is almost here and that means high traffic through the house. The kids are in and out all day, having fun in the sun and causing TONS of dirt and mess. The most occupied room in a home over the summer is most definitely the bathroom. Between the sprinkler, pool, water balloon fights and mud sliding the kids and all the extra friends over the kids really over use the bathroom. Most moms complain that during the summer months its impossible to keep the bathroom clean. Every time they clean it another kid comes in, covered in dirt and sweat, and all that hard work is down the drain. So I figured this year us housewives should come to the battle prepared. I thought of a few ideas that would help you keep the bathroom slightly cleaner (every little bit helps).

-My first good idea is to make sure you have proper storage space in the bathroom. A big bathroom vanity, with plenty of drawers and cabinets can make a serious difference. If all the band aids, deodorant, antiseptic, bug spray, etc. have a place to go, that the kids can easily access, it takes away all the clutter. Make sure that the vanity in the bathroom the kids are using is a darker color (to hide small spots, till the next time you have the opportunity to Windex) and very easy to clean. Try more for a contemporary style vanity rather then something ornate and hard to keep up.

-If you do not have room in your bathroom for a large vanity try installing a medicine cabinet. It's not as practical for children as it's hard to reach but it will for sure help you stay organized and provides extra space to stay neater.

-Another idea I had is a BIG bathroom sink. I tried it this past summer and it worked marvels. This way the grubby children can soap up easily before dinner without getting the bubbles and dirt all over the place.

-Easy access towel rods are a must. Hang them low enough so that it's easy for your kids to reach and teach them that towels have to be re-hung after using. I can tell you from experience it takes time till it becomes natural but, after about 500 reminders they should remember.

Good luck and enjoy the summer!