Lace Curtains, Valances, Tiers and Panels – Charming Window Coverings to Mix and Match


Designing Lace Curtain window coverings can be very confusing. Let's try to simplify the challenge by starting with the very basics. Most major Lace Curtain suppliers offer many different pieces to be used in combination to arrive at completely different looks. The pieces have various names including One Piece Swags, Fan Swags, Swag Pairs, Valances, Tiers and Panels. They are woven into elaborate lace patterns or stunningly bold Macrame ring lace. Depending how you use them, your window treatment can be formal or casual, simple or ornate. Whatever combination you use can greatly influence your over-all design goals.


The simplest design would be, as in this image, to use a Lace Valance and Lace Tier together. This picture (see link below) uses a Macrame Ring Lace, however, any Lace Valance and Tier can be used for the same effect. This design is shown on tension rods inside the window casing. The treatment also can be used where both Valance and Tier are mounted on rods that are attached to the wall outside of the window frame. Another attractive style would be to mount the Valance on an outside mount rod and the Tier on a tension rod inside the jamb. In yet a different version you could mount the Valance on an outside mount rod and use a full length Lace Panel or pair of Panels on a rod under the Valance rod. One of these options may be just what you want but, hold on, we are just getting started.

You may want a more formal treatment with an entirely different approach. It consist of a Swag Pair with a Valance in between and a full length Panel underneath. As another option, in a narrows window, you could eliminate the in between Valance and just use the Swag Pair or a Piece Swag (see link below). If you use two Panels you could tie them back to each side for a totally different style. Also, a Priscilla look could be created using a second Panel underneath the first Panel and tying them back to opposite sides.

There is another option that uses some of all the above ideas but is more informal and could be used in a den, dinette or kitchen area. It consists of a Swag Pair with or without a Valance in between and a shorter Tier in the window instead of a full length Panel.

As you can see, Lace Curtains can be highly personalized to create the very look that makes your home warm and inviting We are not finished yet. Let's think even more outside of the box. What if you have a curved top window. That's easy. Just find a solid metal rod and bend it to the same contour as your window frame and use the same designs we just discussed. How about another idea. If you have two corner windows you have the option of treating them as one window or two windows. You can mount separate curtains on each window or you can make the two windows look like one giving the effect of a much larger window. You would use one of the Swag Pair pieces on each window and Tiers below on each window. The same thing can be completed on two side by side windows on a flat wall.

You may wish to see actual examples of the window treatments that we mentioned above.


Hopefully with this new knowledge you will really enjoy creating your very professional professional décor by stretching your imagination. The above pictures of window treatments are just a start. You can probably think of many additional attractive ways to arrive at your own person choices of Lace Curtains. In fact, you could even vary the treatments by purchasing lace yardage and sewing your own version of a window treatment. Best of luck with your newly discovered design freedom.