Ladybug Birthday Supplies – Ideas For Decorating a Lady Bug Party

With the feeling of spring just around the corner and your little lady's birthday coming up, what could be better than celebrating it with bright and cheerful ladybugs? This is a perfect theme for this time of year and perfect for any little girl's birthday party. Whether you have the perfect picture in your mind or if you're in need of some ideas, here are some decorating tips to help you get started.

Let's start by the theme itself. There are several different types of ladybug themes to choose from such as modern ladybug, classic ladybug, cartoon ladybug, and realistic ladybug themes. There is no wrong way to create a ladybug party. It's all about preference on which one you choose.

Decorating ideas: Let's start off with the essentials you will need which are anything red, black or white. Balloons, streamers, tableware and tablecloth based on these colors can really set the mood for a ladybug party. Of course, there are the usual items you can purchase to decorate the room that will go along with the ladybug theme, but there are several ways to save you money by using a little imagination that can be just as fun and vivid as any decoration you can buy. For instance, you can cut circles out of construction paper and tape them around the house or under chairs etc. These can be used as decorations or even be used as a part of the games.

Your table can also be covered to look like a giant ladybug. It's as simple as placing a red plastic tablecloth on the table, cutting out black circles, taping them randomly on the red tablecloth, and then attaching a black streamer down the center of the table. It's an easy and inexpensive way to add a lot to your party. You can also use large flower cut-outs around the room, while placing a few little ladybugs on them as well. These can be handmade or purchased at any party supply store.

Decorating with streamers can be very fun and can also be done with very little cost. All you need for this decoration is black, red, and white streamers used with some tape, and maybe a few cut-out flowers. Tape the streamers randomly up on the ceiling while making them hang at different lengths. After doing that, place the cut-out flowers at the end of some of the hanging streamers. You can also tape little ladybugs to the ends of the streamers as well. Make any number of designs you choose, and place them around the house with the colorful crepe streamers. Then place balloons at the ends or corners of the room.

Remember these are only a few ideas to help you get started with that exciting event. So do not be afraid to be creative and have fun!