Maintaining The Exterior Of The Home

Before working on the exterior of the home, you should create a checklist of what you need to do and the materials that you need so that you’re prepared. There might be some jobs outside the home that are too difficult to complete on your own, so you could ask family members or friends for help or hire an outside company. It’s usually best to work outside in the spring and fall because it’s not as warm, allowing you to get more done for the following seasons.

Monthly Inspecting
You want to perform a few monthly maintenance tasks that will keep everything on track and working properly through the rest of the year. Clean the filters in the furnace or air conditioner, whichever you’re using at the time. If the filters are beyond cleaning, you should replace them. Clean the faucets, check for water leaks, and make sure the drains in the sinks and tub are in proper working condition. When you’re working outside, you should remove unwanted clutter and trim the shrubs and limbs that you can reach. Companies like Renew Crew of Castle Rock can clean and restore wood surfaces outside, such as the deck and patio. Companies can also clean sidewalks and steps that are made of concrete.

Fall Maintenance
There are a few seasonal projects that you can take on as well outside the home. Clean the gutters in the fall and spring. Make sure the gutter system is free of debris so that water will flow properly. Aerate the lawn in the fall and spread fertilizer and grass seed. Walk around the home to see if there are any cracks or leaks around the windows and doors. The fall season is a good time of the year to repair these issues so that you don’t lose heat in the winter. Your fireplace or furnace should be inspected to ensure that they are working properly. You should inspect the air conditioner in the spring for the summer season.

Spring Details
Examine the roof to see if there are any shingles missing or if there are any weak spots. When you performing home maintenance in the spring, clean the windows and examine the window screens. If there are any tears in the screens, try to replace them to save money, but if the tears are large and are close to the edges of the window, then it’s best to go ahead and replace them while you can.