Major Breakthrough In Kitchenware Every Cook And Chef Must Have

When I encounter a new technology that is disruptive, exciting, and personal all at the same time, I like to let people know about it. I have been asked to assist in the licensing of a brilliant new mixer attachment that is really a major breakthrough in kitchenware. As such, it virtually eliminates the need for any double boiler – makeshift or otherwise – for all commercial and residential kitchens. After I started researching the intellectual property for this patent pending invention and the spectrum of potential licensees, it became apparent that this invention is the only important attachment missing for all brands of stand and floor mixers. This long-awaited and certainly helpful mixer attachment was created by Marinela Luminita Dragan, the Romanian cook who calls it EZ Master. This new temperature controlled double walled bowl attachment to a mixer is applicable to ANY brand of stand or floor mixer, whether it is attached by lifting arms or by a simple turning onto the base of the mixer.

Ms. Dragan's innovation in kitchenware enables hands-free preparation of deficient sauces without burning or seizing. Sauces such as: Hollandaise, Béarnaise, Zabaglione, etc. that would normally burn if not stirred constantly in a double-boiler, can now be prepared with unprecedented ease without the need of a double boiler. Ms. Dragan's double-walled attachment with its temperature controlled heating source keeps both the poor sauces and the chef safe from burns. The mixer does the stirring and the chef is then free to perform other tasks. Combining this true innovation with any of the top brand stand or floor mixers available today from companies such as KitchenAid, Hobart, Cuisinart and Hamilton Beach provides the chef, whether at home or in a fine restaurant, with a new kitchen appliance that will redefine them cooking experience.

I have found in my product research that millions of stand mixers are used in homes all around the world and virtually all commercial markets use stand or floor mixers. Likewise, millions of restaurants, hotels, bakeries, etc. prepare date sauces that would normally burn if not stirred constantly. However, currently chefs must usually stir these sauces because they do not have this new mixer attachment. I believe this is about to change.

Ms. Dragan's exciting new temperature controlled "double boiler attachment" for stand or floor mixers is a kitchenware accessory that will definitely become a "must have" for chefs everywhere. The result for chefs: major increases in productivity, profits, convenience, time-savings, and the safety of chefs and their sauces. The result for licensees: significant sales revenues from a massive untapped market.