Make Use of The Space In Your Bathroom With A 72 Inch Bath Vanity

For the home owners that have an extra large master bathroom, choosing the best ways to fit the space, and get that luxurious look should be considered when remodeling your bathroom. A great addition to your bathroom would be a 72 inch bath vanity for the counter in your bathroom. Not only will this longer style give more space on top of the sink and counter, it will also offer the elegant look and design, and a luxury feel to the bathroom space. When the right granite or marble counters are chosen, it will give the sense of pure luxury, and will offer the elegant look the home owners seek.

The choice of a 72 inch bath vanity also allows for placement of double sinks, and either an extra long mirror, or two smaller mirrors above those sinks. This not only adds to the value of the home (if the home owners are planning on selling), but it also frees up space, gives both individuals the opportunity to get ready at the same time, and gives each of them their own space in the morning when getting ready for work, or at night getting ready for bed. This makes for a more efficient bathroom, and the elegant look as well.

The longer 72 inch bath vanity also offers more storage above and below the sink. The longer counter allows for different decor to be placed above the counter, such as candles, plants, or any other decorations the home owners want to place on them. Also, there is going to be more cabinet space below the sink. So, storing towels, tissue, or anything else the home owners keep stored in the bathroom, will now be simple to do, since there is such a long cabinet space. The longer space also allows for addition of drawers. They can add a his and her drawer under each sink, to store certain items like makeup, razors, or small items used on a daily basis.

By choosing a large 72 inch bath vanity this also gives a larger feel to the bathroom space. It will allow the home owners to separate the space, and have a more open look and feel to the bathroom area. So, if they add in an open shower, and a separate tub, it can be divided in the space by a wall or partition, making for a much larger looking bathroom, and more space for the owners to get ready in the morning, or any time they are going out.

Whether the home owners want a more luxurious bathroom look, want to add resale value to the home, or whether they just want a more efficient space in the bathroom, a 72 inch bath vanity can accomplish all of these goals. It will free up space, allow both individuals the ability to use the space without getting in each others way, and will make for far more efficiency in the bathroom. It can also create a luxury style "retreat" appeal and look, depending on the type of material chosen for the 72 inch bath vanity to be installed in the home.