Make Your Own Rustic Decor Using Old Fihsihg Gear

Decorating with old, used fishing gear is fun, creative and pretty inexpensive as well. It's real easy to find unique fishing gear to use as decorating items. Here are a few ideas for your fishing decor projects.

First you will need to find some old fishing gear. Garage sales are great for purchasing used fishing equipment for your projects. Keep an eye out for used nets, poles, lures, bobbers, stringers and other Items. You can even walk the shores of your favorite lake as you will be surprised what fishermen leave behind. You will also get a great workout and a nice hike while hunting old gear on the shores, pack a lunch and make a day out of it.

Once you find the gear you would like to use be sure to clean everything very carefully and thoroughly. In the past I have used such items to clean my finds, alcohol for lures (be sure to snip the hook point off), bleach for nets (hand soak them). Of course you can us the age old 3 and 1 vinegar solution to remove any fish smell that may still be attached to your item; After all you do not want that smell in your home.

The types of decorating you can do with your items are endless. This is where the fun and imagination kicks in. These are just a few ideas to help get you started on your rustic fishing décor items. Old bait buckets make great containers. You can use them in bathrooms by rolling up some hand towels for the inside, dried flowers, or by placing bath products in them. These buckets also work great in such places as the kitchen for napkins, flower arrangements or in bed rooms for all those loose things lying around the dresser. Do not forget they are perfect for the change change as well.

Old fishing poles from garage sales are pretty cheap and make great curtain rods or wall decor. If using them as curtain rods, be sure to remove the thread loops that the fishing line enteres; Place your rings on the rod and then your drapes. This will really make for a great conversation piece. Wall décor is always fun with old rods. By placing two in an X shape on any wall with an old fishing net, fishing hat or a shelf or maybe by an old fishing shadow box, this will bring the great outdoors into your home or cabin.

Shadow boxes are a perfect asset to any rustic décor. I have used old wood that I had lying around in the garage. Construct your box and place an old fishing photo, some old lures, an old bait jar, rusted fishing waits, etc. Hang it on the wall to show your creative side.

Other things I have tried with old fishing items are. I have placed old nets wrapped in drift wood to place them on walls, I have taken old fishing bobbers and used them as chain pulls for lights, I was lucky on that one as I found a great bobber that was brown and tan to blend. If you do not like the colors of the bobbers then you have created another craft by painting them. I have seen several people in my area of ​​Lake Tahoe even use bobbers as drawer knobs in the kitchen.

Creating your own decor is fun, inexpensive and for the most part you will end up with unique decorating items for your cabin. The best part of it all! You are able to build the item as you see fit, After it has hung on the wall for some time, you are able to change it around if you would like or it will inspire you to head back out and retrieve more fishing gear for your next project.