Martin Bird Houses – The Avian Condominium

All over the country, particularly in the West Coast, interest in bird houses has been steadily increasing. People are putting up bird houses in their own backyards. In stores, a myriad of new kinds of bird houses have emerged. You now have an endless array of bird houses to choose from, depending on your preference of design, size, or color. One of the most popular specialized bird houses right now are the martin bird houses.

Just as there are several different types of human homes, there are also several kinds of homes for birds. There are bird houses designed for single occupancy, called cottages or shanties, and there are also larger bird houses called churches, cathedrals, or condominiums, which are built to provide shelter for as many as a hundred birds.

Martin bird houses are of the condominium type. The most common martin bird house can accommodate about 15 birds. Each bird in the avian condominium has its own room. There are usually several levels of this bird condominium. Some of the larger martin bird houses have as much as 12 levels, with at least 10 compartments in each level.

An extensive martin bird house does not only offer shelter to a larger population of birds. It also provides them with greater protection and security from weather, temperature and other natural elements, such as other animals. Many small birds like the purple martins commonly fall victim to larger animals, particularly birds of prey like owls and hawks. Big martin bird houses can provide them with relatively more protection against these predators than smaller homes ever could.

Martin bird houses contain several birds at a time, so droppings and other dirt can accumulate faster and constant maintenance is required. Moreover, because of the large number of residents, parasites can transfer from bird to bird quickly if you do not keep the condominium clean at all times.

With the large number of rooms in the martin bird house, regular cleaning could prove to be a wearisome task. If you are looking to buy a new martin bird house, try to choose one whose back wall can easily be dismantled. This will make it easier for you to clean the compartments thoroughly. If you want a martin bird house that is placed on a pole, you need to have a way to raise and lower it easily to make cleaning less difficult. If you keep your martin bird house sanitary, your bird tenants will be very grateful and they will keep coming back to your place.