Organic Gardening – Easy, Fun, Healthy & Cheap

There are many benefits to organic gardening including better tasting food, healthier plants, and having fun. One of the most important reasons to begin organic gardening is to keep yourself, your family and your pets away from pesticides. The environment is full of toxic chemicals and pesticides these days, and it is probably impossible to avoid them all. However, you can control some of your exposure by not adding more to it.

Another benefit of organic gardening is that it looks that homegrown vegetables and fruits often taste better, especially when no chemicals are used. No tomato purchased at the store ever tastes quite like a chemical free organic logo from your own garden. There is a marked difference in color, taste, and possibly even the amount of nutrients. Not only is organic gardening healthy, it is fun too. It is so rewarding to watch your plants grow from tiny little organic sprouts into abundant plants and produce. Some examples of easy to grow plants include tomatoes, squash, lettuce, roses, daisies and cucumbers. These plant varieties will not only make your dinner plate pretty and tasty, but the flowers will spruce up decorations inside your house as well.

Furthermore, other benefits to growing your own organic plants is that you will save money. With soaring gas prices, it could cost more than it is worth just to drive to the grocery store. This year it looks that all food prices have gone up dramatically along with the gas prices. This is another good motive for a person to do their own organic gardening. It costs less to make your own compost and grow your favorite plants and foods. Even if gardening is not your favorite thing, you can support your local farmer at a nearby farmer's market. Often these people use organic techniques to grow their foods, and you can find out just by asking them.

If you have never had experience with this type of gardening before, you may wonder what to grow or how to begin. Information can be found all over the internet, at the library, or even at the local health food store. From these sources, an interested person can find a wealth of information. To begin your own organic gardening, it is recommended to use an all natural fertilizer to increase your plant yield. You can actually make your own by tossing out vegetable vegetables into your garden and making a compost. Bugs can be kept away by watching your plants and their leaves for eggs or any other bug disturbances. It is worth the extra work to not ingest more toxic pesticides into your body.

As you can see, there are many benefits to organic gardening, and everyone should try it at least once. It may take some trial and error to get things right, but with time your garden will be your own masterpiece. It is worth all the effort for the beautiful, healthy plants you will produce.