Oval Bathroom Mirrors

Oval-shaped bathroom mirrors are very versatile because they can look good with or without frames. In this article you will see the different facades of oval bathroom mirrors and for sure you will fall in love with its elegance and versatility.

Framed Oval Mirrors

Different frames of bathroom mirrors may be made of plastic, wood, aluminum, etc. The frames that you choose will greatly depend on the theme or motif of your bathroom. If it's Victorian-inspired, then mirrors with Venetian frames will certainly compliment your bathroom. If the motif of your bathroom is more focused on country or nature-inspired themes, simple and natural-looking wooden frames will more or less look perfect in your bathroom. For bathrooms with a contemporary theme, aluminum-framed mirrors would completely compliment the design of the room.

Frameless Oval Mirrors

Although aluminum-framed mirrors fall under the category of contemporary or modern bathroom mirrors, the dominant sets of contemporary bathroom mirrors are frameless. The simplicity of frameless mirrors not only adds to the air of sophistication of the mirror but also boosts the bathroom's elegance and charm.

Little Details Matter

Whether you choose to purchase framed or frameless mirrors, you have to consider every aspect of the mirror, down to the littlest physical details. You have to be very keen in observing the minute details of the mirror because it could either make or break the look of your bathroom. You would not really want to ruin the look of your bathroom by being too hasty and careless in purchasing a mirror, right?

Add A Little More Pizzazz

If in the past, bathrooms were just considered to be a place of bathing and performing other personal bodily and physiological necessities, today's bathroom goes beyond the utilitarian function. Nowadays, people are already seeing the important role of the bathroom in their daily relaxation and unwinding moments.

The design of the mirror that you will purchase will more or less play an important part in making a bathroom look beautiful and relaxing. According to feng shui, oval mirrors are great bringers of good and positive vibes due to the its never-ending and infinite symbol. You can add more pizzazz to your oval mirrors by adding some oriental-inspired frames. You can browse the Internet for some do-it-yourself instructions on how to attach frames to oval mirrors or you could also go to your local glass or mirror store and have them attach the frame for you.