Plants As Decor in the Bathroom

Decorating the bathroom can be a productive hobby anyone can do during their spare time. Finding the perfect bathroom decor, fixtures, and accessories can be an exhilarating but fulfilling task. Once the bathroom has been properly tiled, you’ll definitely want to put decors to spruce up the space and tie it all together so to speak. However, this is a task that is best done slowly. Do not rush anything because you might miss something or worse, you might regret putting up your decors in haste. Find the time and plan thoroughly.

Perhaps one of the best ways to decorate your bathroom is with the use of plants. However, using plants as a decorative accent can be very tricky. You have to consider various factors before you can start placing plants inside your bathroom. Below are a few tips on how to maximize your plants and make them the best bathroom décor they possibly can be.

Your biggest consideration before you can put plants inside the bathroom is the space’s lighting. There has to be enough light for a live plant to thrive inside this particular area of the house. If your bathroom has no or little natural light it just isn’t recommendable to put a plant inside it. Though there are plants that are able to thrive in environments with little light, most plants that have high decorative value usually need enough sunlight.

Another consideration is the plant’s water needs. Also, you have to consider the room’s moisture and humidity. There are decorative plants that are low maintenance and perfect for those who do not have the luxury of time to take care of plants. Since the bathroom is very high humid, it would be best to place a plant that can withstand such conditions. You can still use any plant you want, but if they are not made for high humid environments it would be best to change them frequently. By change it means that you take the plant out of the room and replace it with another one. This way the plants get enough sunlight and you still get to keep a decor inside your bathroom.

Houseplants can be bought in various places like house improvements stores, dollar stores, and even a local nursery. Before buying anything, be sure that you know the specific needs of the plant – how often should you water it, how often should it be brought out for sunlight, does it need fertilizers, etc. – things like that. The information is usually listed on a stick or a label that is attached to the pot or soil of the plant. For those buying flowering plants, do not worry if once you get home the plant stops giving out flowers. Various plants have certain flowering cycles, so just wait for it to bloom again.

Finally, you’ll want to decide where you are going to feature these plants in your space. Hanging baskets are a great option, but in some corners, they may not get enough light. The obvious choice would be to feature them on top of your bathroom vanity. Some vanities may not allow for the space needed though. If you are doing a complete bathroom remodel, you may want to consider a discount bathroom vanity large enough to place the plants.

If you think that tending a plant is too much work, you can always opt for the plastic or synthetic version. It’s not as good as the real one but it sure is very low maintenance and you still get to display some “greens” inside your bathroom.