Plastic Window For Green House – Must Have Features

There are various options to choose from when looking for the best plastic window for green house. These are also affected by other factors such as the cost of that particular plastic material, the style of the house and your general taste. So while I may offer some suggestions below, ideally the final choice rests with you.

Plastic sheeting is used as an alternative acrylic and fiberglass because it is cheaper. Sadly it is less durable than acrylic and less effective for the transmission of light. This means then that you need to be sure that you find the best possible options out there – unless of course you are prepared to switch to acrylic or fiberglass.

Some of the best options to consider include Polycarbonate sheets. These sheets are quite durable but expensive. However by using them you can be sure that you are using the best glazing alternative for your green house. That is, apart from being durable they also come with huge cost saving benefits.

Here are some of the features to look out for when buying a plastic window for a green house:

o Consider buying one that has a multi-wall sheet. Might be expensive but worth it in the long run.

o Make sure that the surface of the sheet is well protected from being degraded by UV radiation.

o They must enable infra-red light to pass through, which helps promote an ideal growth environment.

o Must come with a warranty – 10 year warranty is best.

o Must have a standard anti-condensate coating.