Please Help Me Sell My House!

There are many desperate home owners and real estate agents struggling to sell property in the current market. Sales strategies that may have worked well in the past are failing, and a completely fresh marketing approach is required. If you've recently asked "help me sell my house", this article is for you.

Focus Your Advertising

The first step to selling a house quickly in the current market is to re-focus your advertising strategy. People know full well that the current property market is struggling, so they're out looking for value. Your ads should scream BARGAIN! This means asking for a price at or below market value. Use phrases like "below market value" and "move your stuff in today" to drum up excitement towards your house.

Note: Although the idea here is to advertise a low price, it's just a strategy to build immediate traffic flow to your property. Later on you will be able to get your buyers to run the price up higher than you thought possible.

Add Value To Your House

There are a number of ways in which to add to the perceived value of your house. Here is a short list of some of the most simple adjustments you can make:

1) Boost your curve appealing by sprucing up the exterior of your home. This is pretty easy, as all you really need to do is cut the grass, plant some trees, and maybe hang a few wind chimes. Water features and hedges are also good value boosters.

2) Replace light fixtures, shower nozzles, and old fashioned door knobs. IKEA usually has everything you need pretty cheap. You need to go for a contemporary look, but still blending in with your house.

3) Spruce up your kitchen and bathroom, as these are the 2 most important rooms in the house as far as value goes. Again, think about light fittings, door knobs, the sink, etc ..