March 1, 2021


Home Improvement

Preparing for a Springtime Renovation Project

After a few months of the cold winter season, spring home improvement and renovation projects can help breathe new life into your property to last you for the rest of the year.


If you’re planning on getting some work done on your house in spring, it is best to start preparing for it as early as now. Here are some ways to help you better prepare for your spring home renovation project.

  1. Have your home inspected for structural, electrical and plumbing concerns.


While structural issues should definitely be your top priority, getting professional home inspections done for your electrical and plumbing systems are also important, given the harsh weather conditions they endured during winter. Upgrades to your plumbing and electrical systems are great long-term investments, and so are necessary structural repairs.


These are things that you should never neglect. It may not do much for your home aesthetically but if you don’t address any of these issues, they might end up putting you and your family members in danger.


  1. Get a headstart on your outdoor projects in early spring at the latest.


Any exterior work to be done on your property is best done in the first few weeks of springtime. For instance, if you plan to have a deck installed or resurfacing the one you already have at home, you will most likely not get the quality of workmanship you’re looking for as the winter weather is not good for deck work.


Landscaping and any exterior improvements that are done in the early days of springtime will let you enjoy it longer throughout that year compared to getting them done in the summer.


  1. Book a contractor and order your materials in advance.


Two things about renovation projects: one, it comes in multiple stages; and two, the earlier you plan for it, the more prepared you are for any contingencies.


That being said, as early as now, you should already look for a contractor you want to work with and map out your plans to maximize the time and resources that you have.


It takes time to look for the right contractor (unless you already have one), work on the design you want, and process the orders for the materials needed to get the job done. If you’re able to determine all of these early on, it is easier to book a contractor and place orders well in advance so that by the time spring gets here, you don’t waste time.


  1. Take into consideration the project’s return on investment.


Only a fool will spend money on a renovation project without thinking of how it will increase the property’s value. Even if you have no intentions of selling your house, any improvement projects done to it will affect its market value, depending on the type of project done, and how it is executed.


That being said, you should always consider the return on investment whenever you take on any of these projects. And we’re not just talking about a monetary return. If you have no plans of selling, you should at least be able to fully enjoy the work done enough to make you feel good and proud of your home.


  1. Find out what the local city engineer requires for renovation projects while we’re still under a pandemic.


Since we’re still in a pandemic, it is best if you take the present circumstances into consideration. Due to physical distancing and the lower production output of businesses, any work related to construction will take longer than usual.


This is why we recommend starting your home improvements in early spring. Find out what the local authorities require for residential renovations during a pandemic and make sure you coordinate closely with your contractor to keep everyone involved as safe as possible.