Pros and Cons of Winter Interior House Painting

Painting is generally done during summer, when the weather is warm. But sometimes, timing may be an issue with homeowners, which begs the question: Can painting be done during winter?

To help you arrive at the answer yourself, here are the pros and cons of painting your house during winter.


You will save on the cost of hiring.

You are likely to get better deals on painting services during the colder months due to painting services being traditionally seasonal. Winter is when businesses slow down for painting contractors and as a result, are usually willing to offer a reduced rate for the same job.

Your paint dries faster.

A cooler air means less humidity. What this means overall is a quicker drying time for your paint job in the cooler months. This saves you time and money.

You free up your summer budget for other activities.

When you bring forward the paint job instead of pushing it to next summer, you are effectively freeing up your budget space for other activities that have to be done in the summer. Whether you want to enhance your outdoor space or spend a little more on yourself, you will have the freedom to do just a little bit more.

It will give you something to do or see in winter.

Winter can be a depressing and dull season for some of us. By taking it up in winter as a DIY project, you give yourself something to expend your energy on. Moreover, you have the opportunity to create something bright to liven up the atmosphere in your home.


You will probably spend more on energy costs.

If you carry out the job during the coldest months, you will likely spend an unnecessary amount on heating appliances. This is because you will need to air out the fumes from the interior painting, bringing in cold air to your home which you subsequently have to heat up.

The quality of paint job is affected by the cold.

Certain issues that can result from the cold are film cracking, insufficient resistance to stain, problems in the uniformity of colors and a poor touch-up. The duration of time needed for recoats is also extended.


Sometimes, a paint job is urgent and waiting for the warm season just doesn’t seem to be an option. For these situations, remember to do the following:

  • Paint between 10 am and 2pm
  • Check the temperature of walls on top of the air temperature
  • Use a manufacturer-verified paint that recommended for the temperature