Protecting Your Commercial Roof Like You Protect Your Investment

Investing in a business is one of the best things you can do with your money. You have to make sure it runs smoothly and is well-protected. But while we believe burglars and accidents are the worst, it’s really not.

Sure, these elements can cause damages to our business. But it’s nature that’s the biggest reason why most businesses have an unexpected financial crisis.

Commercial Roof Damage

Harsh weather conditions can damage your commercial roof. Even hot sunny days tend to slowly break the roof. Severe rainstorms, hail, and snow also contribute to your roof’s damage.

Remember that your business’ roof is its first line of defense. It should be maintained and monitored to avoid early damages.

Unfortunately, many business owners focus solely on managing their company. Few keep an eye on their business as a whole. Thus, damages in the roofing system are inevitable.


There are many factors that can contribute to a roof’s lifespan. For example, the material you used for your roofing system could tell how long it will last.

But commercial roofs tend to last 15 to 50 years in general. You can expect it to be at its peak even after decades of use when it’s well-taken care of.

Then again, it’s hard when you’re against nature. The best thing you can do is to prepare for the worst conditions and protect your roof.

How to Protect Commercial Roof

To protect your commercial and ultimately, your investment here are some tips:

Under Hot, Sunny Weather

Prolonged exposure to too much heat can cause damage to your roof. This includes weakened roofing material. Your roofing system’s components could curl, crack, break apart, and dry down.

Additionally, your roofing system expands when it gets too hot. It then contracts when it cools. The constant change will cause it to slowly disintegrate.

Try adding a good ventilation system beneath your commercial roof. This avoids too much heat build-up and can lessen the sun’s effect.

You should also use lighter colors to paint your roof. Darker colors tend to absorb more heat.

Lastly, add a heat-resistant coating to your roof. Do this if you know beforehand that summer gets hot in your area.

During Rainy Season

Roofs are prone to leaks and water damage during rainy seasons. It doesn’t just damage your roof. It can also damage your valuables within your building.

That said, avoid water damage by preparing your roof for the season ahead. Remove debris that may fall on your roof and keep gutters clean. These can all avoid puddles and water accumulation in your roof.

If there are nearby trees, cut them to avoid branches from falling down on your roof. Debris like these could crack your roof and create an entryway for the water.


Most of all, make sure you always have your roof checked by a professional. They are able to tell if there are any damages that needed to be repaired. If there are any, make sure your commercial roof is repaired immediately.