Reasons to Choose Aluminium Windows

Aluminium is experiencing a renaissance, with architects favouring its understated charcoal grey tones to create trendy and elegant window frames for new-builds.

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It has evolved subtly from the height of its use for window frames in the early 1980s, when grotesque metal strips formed the silhouette of a window. Now Dublin windows and doors, and those around the country, are adorned with sleek charcoals frames made from aluminium that support the creation of a new home’s stylish décor.

So despite the fact they are growing in popularity, why should you choose aluminium windows? Check out our reasons below before you commit to a particular material to frame your windows and doors.

1) It’s Strong

Aluminium is an incredibly strong metal, and less is required to create a frame that holds hardware and glass in place. Consequently, if you have large windows, you can avoid having to resort to a huge frame support, permitting an increase in the window’s glass area.

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2) It Has a Modern Look

Since less of this metallic element is required, architects can create a more contemporary aesthetic – the lines will be much more slender, with a larger glass area.

3) Windows Will Be More Thermally Efficient

Since aluminium maximises the glass used, windows will, as a result, be more thermally efficient. Frames made of timber or uPvC are prone to expansion and contraction when temperatures fluctuate. A fellow metallic element, steel, also isn’t thermally efficient, although people may like the way it looks. In contrast, aluminium remains stable when temperatures change due to thermal breaks. Therefore, aluminium-framed windows, like those found at, are exceptional at keeping your home insulated.

4) Durability

Not only are aluminium windows and doors strong, thermally efficient and chic, they are also astonishingly durable. Furthermore, aluminium is exceedingly corrosion-resistant, and so it won’t wear away or rust. Nor will it fall victim to flaking, rotting or peeling, unlike timber frames that have to be stained and painted to protect them from the weather.

Although they require very little maintenance, click here for more information on how you can clean and maintain aluminium products.

5) Aluminium Is Cheap

Compared to wooden frames, aluminium is relatively cheap and will therefore save you money on its installation and throughout its duration, since it requires limited maintenance.