Romancing Technology With Your Own Wedding Website

Technology has ushered in new traditions that complement the old in their modernity. In olden times, announcement of betrothal was a very important step for any family and for establishing the couple a special status. Similarly, wedding memories were preserved in photo albums and more recently in videos too. Nowadays, we use the internet. Here are a few tips on how to create your own wedding website.

Then came along the reach of the internet into weddings when couples started to build websites to announce their weddings, having a wedding blog, and uploading pictures and information to share with their friends and loved ones as well as the world wide web.

Wedding websites are being launched every single day and they are a great way to spread the word and share your wedding memories. Many movie stars and celebrities are into it as are savvy couples who are jumping the bandwagon for a number of reasons just the thrill of it. With a wedding website you can add several features to your site like a blog which both of you constantly update to let people know the goings-on on a regular basis.

You can also add reception pictures and videos too. A single image says a thousand words. You can add background music to your site too to let your visitors listen to your favorite tunes while surfing your site. You can allow a person to RSVP your invitations online. A single email is all that is needed.

If you have registered for gifts online, you can provide a link on your wedding website and not only can people see what you wish to receive but they can shop and send you the gifts online too! If you have a camera attached to your computer, you can upload your wedding ceremony as a live feed.

You can add many fun bits too – like a love meter to check the percentage of love, a poll, a guestbook and obviously a countdown to the days for your wedding. You can also add information for your out-of-town guests to tell them about the wedding venue as well as something about your city.

You can really stand out and make a lasting impression on people. You also have the ability to introduce yourself to a distant relationship that you may not know very well. It will not only make them comfortable at the actual event but also get a chance to know you and your future husband.

It is really easy and affordable even if you are using a professional builder to build your site for you. Look around for the people offering you the best price and be sure to compare it against their features. You can easily get many free templates and web sets to decorate your pages and all you need is a PC with an internet connection, a scanner to scan your photos or a webcam and some basic working knowledge of websites.

If you are a graphics pro, designing your invitation cards, thank you cards and any other printable items is very easy and for a fraction of the cost. You can have these to co-ordinate with the graphics used on your site so they look part of your signature theme as well as save you time and effort making any special graphics. Even your online web host could have many templates for making these easily and all you would need to do is add text to personalize them. You could also match these graphics with your wedding favors to really make your reception decor pop!

In conclusion, imagine sending out your paper wedding initiatives with your self-designed graphics and with a link to your very own, personal website link. That is indeed a very thrilling option for you to consider seriously in this digital age.