Roof Painting in Melbourne

Did you know that it is recommended that you check your roof at least twice a year? Generally, most people only look at them if they are cleaning the guttering before bushfire season, or if they discover a leak during a winter storm. Otherwise the tendency is to leave well enough alone. In theory this isn’t a bad idea, as few people really know how to walk on a roof without causing damage to roofing iron, let along tiles or slate roofs.

However, if it is painted corrugated iron, climbing up the ladder once a year, or finding a trusted roofing contractor to have a quick look for you, could save you a lot in the long run.

The nature of paint baking under the hot Australian sun means that it will eventually start to peel, and once it starts to peel water will start to get between the paint and the metal, causing rust. Which, of course, is going to not only lead to a leaking, but an expensive roofing replacement – and that’s assuming that you have caught it in time. If you have to replace any of your framework because of rot, then you are looking at an even bigger expense.

This is really the primary reason to have a professional check your roof over at least once a year. In Melbourne there are a number of different firms you can speak to about this, and you can find Eastern Melbourne Roofing at

A professional roofing contractor will look at hundreds of roofs a year, and a good contractor can tell at a glance what is likely to be wrong with your roof, if anything. With luck they will be able to give you the all clear until next year. However, if you get major storm fronts coming through you would be wise to have them to an inspection again to ensure that your roof is still watertight.

What To Do If You Discover Damage On Your Roof

Whether you are the one to discover it, or your trusted roofing contractor has discovered an issue, at the first sign of peeling or lifting paint you should look at getting it fixed. If you have noticed it in time you may be lucky enough to be able to get your roofing expert to repaint the area. However, you will probably want to take the opportunity to get a quote to repaint your entire roof instead.

Once you have noticed one part of the paint is starting to come away, it is really probably time to consider that the rest is not too far away. You could spend a lot of time, energy and money doing spot fix-it jobs, which means you will end up with something that is going to look like a tatty patchwork quilt.

If you instead look at completely repainting you will find that you have a roof that looks like new, and corrugated iron that has been properly sealed and protected from the elements for years to come yet.

I have Rust Coming Through

If your roof has started to develop rust, even just in small spots, you may get away with replacing just that one sheet. However, this is something you really do need to talk to the professionals about (see here). Sometimes replacing one sheet really will be the best option, particularly if it seems that the rust has been caused by an inferior material. You may still have many, many, years of life left in the rest of the roof. Unfortunately, you may also find that the sheet that you have found rust on is only the tip of the iceberg. If may be a little more exposed to the elements than the others, perhaps has received a little damage from someone walking on it incorrectly, or a rock or ball landing on the roof causing minor damage. However, that small amount of damage may have been just enough to provide you with a warning about the state of the rest of your roof.

Generally, you should find that the entire roof will deteriorate at a similar rate. With the side that most exposed to the elements deteriorating at a faster rather than the other side, but a side should start to peel or rust at a relatively even rate.

What Sort Of Paint Do I Need?

It is a good idea to talk to a professional about the type of paint that should be used on your particular roof, and in your particular location. Most professionals will have certain paint brands that they prefer over others, for a variety of different reasons, but will be more than happy to explain what they are going to use on your roof, and why.

Although you may find a few that will still use a roller technique for applying paint, you will also find a lot of painters prefer to use a spray on option for painting as this can provide a much more even coating and also decreases the amount of time that your roof will be unprotected for. With a spray coating they may also do more than one coat of paint.

Generally, a professional painter will waterblast your roof to ensure that it is clean before applying any form of coating, and if you find that your paint has not lasted anywhere near as long as it should, missing this vital step is one of the most common reasons for a poor paint job.