October 23, 2021


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Roofing Replacement or Repair: What Should You Do?

As soon as your roof shows signs of damage, it is challenging to determine whether you should pay for repair to prevent potential problems in the future, or you should replace everything altogether to ensure you avoid issues in the next few years at least.

Of course, finding a prominent and trusted contractor will help you decide the best option for your household. It is important to check here to learn more about roof replacement. 

Reroofing is a capital project that requires plenty of money and time to handle everything. 

If you have an old shingle with missing pieces and bubbles, it means you should avoid wasting money on repairs and handle everything with ease.

Your decision depends on numerous factors, which is why you should stay with us to learn more about them.

Repair or Replacement


  • The Age 


It is vital to have information about the age of your roof, which will help you determine the choice you wish to make. Of course, it depends on the type and material you chose beforehand, but age is one of the most compelling indications you should replace everything altogether.

For instance, if your roof is showing signs of aging, including leaks, storm damage, missing shingles, and other issues, the best course of action should be a replacement.

When you decide to replace failing, damaged, and older roofs, you can prevent spending money on constant repairs. At the same time, the investment will pay itself off in warranty deals and lack of potential issues in the first few years.

Besides, it is the perfect solution, especially if you wish to stay household for years. However, if you want to sell it soon, we recommend you patch everything up and look for a buyer instead.


  • Leakage


One of the most common replacements and repair reasons for homeowners include leaky roofing. 

Therefore, if you notice specific stains within your household that run down your walls or across the ceiling, it means you should call the best roofing company as soon as possible.

Since finding its source can be challenging for the homeowner, it is vital to find a certified and professional contractor to help you out.

It does not matter the source of your leak, because you must solve it as soon as possible. The more you wait, the more significant problem you will find, which will ultimately be more expensive as well.

The leakage can lead to roof sheathing, rotting framing, mold infestation, destroyed and wet insulation, and other problems.


  • The Extent of Damage


Determining whether you should replace or repair your roof depends on numerous factors. If it has reached a point of deterioration due to physical damage, which affects its structural integrity, your family’s safety, and overall aesthetics, you must do something about it.

Finding a reputable contractor will help you understand better the damage extent you are experiencing, which will help you decide better based on your budget and home protection.

Signs vary depending on material you have, but most of them fall into two categories: structural and aesthetic damage.

The most common problems are:

  • Bald spots and missing granules on asphalt shingles
  • Broken or cracked wood, tile, or asphalt shingles
  • Cupped edges or curled wood or asphalt shingles
  • Rusted panels or metal shingles
  • Perforated or dented wood, metal, tile, or asphalt components


  • Geographical Area


If you live in high wind regions with other weather conditions and issues like tornadoes, hurricanes, and hail storms, you should frequently replace shingles and other roofing materials.

That way, you can prevent further issues and protect your household against lousy weather, which is the main reason you have it in the first place.

Damage from falling debris and hail can affect the durability and long-term appearance, performance, and ability to keep water away from your home.

Replacement Expenses

Similarly, as mentioned above, getting a new roof is one of the most significant outside projects you can make apart from fencing your yard. 

Of course, repairs are more affordable than replacements, but you will not handle everything with general maintenance in some situations.

As a result, you may end up repairing something unrepairable, which means you will pay more for the process and replace it afterward altogether.

Talking with the contractor will help you obtain estimates, which will help you determine the best option based on your overall budget and roof situation. Of course, if you have risks of a failing roof, it is way better to start with replacements.

You can find a wide array of financing options to help you deal with this expense. Even though it is more expensive up-front compared with repairs, you do not have to pay for frequent maintenance in the first few years.

Besides, you can get a more durable material than asphalt shingles, which will provide you the most protection against elements and other issues from happening.

When Should You Repair It?


  • Less Significant Damage – If you wish to handle only a tiny portion of the roof, such as a few shingles affected by weather damage, you should replace materials in specific sections, which is an affordable process. For instance, if you have issues with missing shingles, you can choose new ones with ease. However, metal panels and other materials are more expensive to replace individually, which is an important fact to remember.
  • Moderate Damage – If you have mild damage, which is generally more significant on a single side, you can conduct partial replacement, which is more affordable than a complete replacement project. Still, the main disadvantage of partial reroofing is aesthetical appeal you will completely change. It is more challenging to match the colors of new materials with old ones. In time, old ones will fade due to elements exposure, which will affect overall curb appeal and value.


Check out this guide: https://www.wikihow.com/Install-Roofing to learn the roofing installation steps. 

Final Word

Although replacement is expensive when it comes to upfront amount, you will save money in the long run by preventing additional damage and multiple repairs. 

Besides, you can boost curb appeal and aesthetics, which will ensure your home looks more attractive than before.

Besides, you will get materials to reflect sunlight and increase overall energy efficiency compared with the one you had before.

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