Rustic Window Treatments

Rustic country decor is an extension of American country style decorating. In addition, traditions have been borrowed from French, English and some Swedish country. Rustic country decor can be defined as coarse, charmingly simple, non-fussy, unfinished and yet with ending qualities. Rustic country decorating consists of the use of natural woods, aged surfaces, rough finishes and simple lines. This decor is about handcrafted objects, simplicity, furnishings that you enjoy and that connect you back to nature. Rustic cottage furniture is commonly made with pine and sometimes painted with hand-painted designs such as flowers, birds, animals, country scenery or leaves.

Cottage style homes are comfortable, modest, quaint homes that may be made of thick stone or log -wood. Different elements of the décor need to be done individually in different styles. Rustic window treatments are a late addition to the list of to do things when applying rustic or old country décor to your house or cottage. Natural woods, light colors and bright fabrics work great for window treatments. Slowly but steadily, rustic furniture and treatments are becoming popular and much thought after option.

The above -mentioned rustic windows may be purchased right from sellers who deal in rustic furniture. Another option is to modify your existing wood windows to lend them a rustic and country look. To give your furniture a rustic look, brush a coat of paint on the piece of furniture and then rub most of the paint off. After it dries, apply wood stain unevenly for an old weathered appearance. The results will be just perfect and will make your furniture look rustic. This option is also an affordable one where no new furniture needs to be purchased and the rustic look may be given with minimum cost. Also, to ensure a perfect finish, one may also hire professionals to do the paint job and modification.