Self Cleaning Windows – The Ultimate in Home Improvement

It is amazing that 10-years ago, self-cleaning windows seemed like science fiction, in fact, the Late Arthur C. Clarke had stated in 2010 how the windows of the space station were cleaned in the space colony. Today however, self-cleaning windows are as real as the houses that average folks like you and I are living in, and luckily enough, they really do not cost that much more. Indeed, there are some self-cleaning window coatings that you can put on your current windows that can do the trick as well.

Imagine never having to clean the windows again, they clean themselves, as the granular of dirt are jettison using basic principles of ionic bonding. Like the negative side of a magnet coming into contact with the negative side of another, they repel. Repelling the dirt away from your windows keeps them clean and bright, letting in the sun and the light.

There are several versions and manufacturers of these self-cleaning windows, in fact, it is one of the most exciting innovations in the window industry sub-sector to come along in years. Of course, it is not very well liked by professional window cleaners whose livelihood is at stake. Still, some professional window cleaners just laugh because even though the self-cleaning windows advertise that you never need to clean your windows, there is still a lot left to be desired over the advertising hype.

Neverheless, most people who install the self-cleaning windows in their homes are reliably pleased with them, as too are the corporations and commercial property managers of those big glass buildings. So, this is something to definitely consider when it comes to choosing which windows to install wherever you are building from scratch or simply remodeling your existing home and upgrading the window package.