Sell ​​Your House Fast Using the Internet

Americans are all too familiar with the down market we are in right now. Houses are sitting on markets for a year or two collecting dust, costing you money, and in the end creating an unnecessary scenario in which you still have not sold your house. Keep in mind these properties are being listed with Realtors who try to say your local market is still strong, that the sky is orange, and that Elvis Presley is still alive and kicking. See where I'm getting at?

The truth is that every portion of this nation we call America has been affected. Sure maybe your house has not drastically dropped in value, but I can still bet the buyer pool in your area has shrunk. If there are not many buyers out there qualifying for loans, then how can they buy your house? They can not.

So how is someone to sell their house especially when time is an issue? Well, I believe the best way to sell in today's market is by doing it yourself. Contracting with a Realtor is not ideal because for one the average house sits on the market for 6-12 months until sold. This just does not cater to the people who are motivated to sell their homes fast. These sellers may in a situation where they need to relocate for a job, or possibly they inherit the property and they do not want to make two mortgages. Who can blame them for wanting to sell fast?

A "For Sale By Owner" is basically you cutting out the middleman, the real estate agent, and in the end saving yourself money on commission fees. This will allow you to market the property the way you want. You are in the driver's seat, and you do not have to feel pressured by an agent. This means you can accept whatever offer you want and do not have to worry either or not the agent will be upset for taking less on their profit.

OK so your are trying to sell your house and you want to know how the internet can help you? It's quite simple. All it takes is for you to do a quick search on to find that there are literally hundreds if not thousands of people looking to buy homes. For the most part these people are investors. Investors can buy your house with cash, cutting out the banks, and saving you time in the end. They will get their funding through a third party such as a hard money lender or private lender. Generally speaking, this cash loan is approved within 14 days. Sometimes it may only take 1-3 days for approval. What does this mean for you? It means that there is a good chance that you can close on the house within a month. The investor will want to make sure the title is free and clear of any liens or judgments, but once that is in check, and the inspections are in order, then really there is nothing left but to close on the house.

Will an investor buy my house if there are a lot of repairs needed? YES! If anything that will strengthen your chances of selling the house because most investors are in the business to rehab properties. No offense, but they want your house to be outdated and an eye sore. That's another reason why investors are great to work with because they will buy a house in any condition.

I think as the word gets out, more and more people are going to use the investor option rather than the real estate option. The internet is one of the most invaluable tools at your disposal. Use it to advertise. Use it to reach a large audience of people. It's right at your fingertips. Now just use it to your advantage and sell your home!