Shower Curtains Can Be Fun As Well As Functional

A shower curtain, on the face of it, is a dull old household item. You hang it up in the bathroom. It gives you a bit of privacy and stops the bathroom floor getting soaked when you take a shower. As a rule, it's not glamorous or something to show off. In fact, you are doing well compared to the average bathroom if it is clean and free from gunk.

But if you do not put any thought into your choice of shower curtain and just buy something plain and dull because it was cheap you are missing a trick as far as interior design and a perfect bathroom are concerned.

When you look around you'll see there are lots of great designs in shower curtains these days and they can really add zing to your bathroom design. And if you choose right they are an enhancement in themselves not just a practical item.

Plain bathroom

If you have a plain bathroom the sky is your limit with going to town on a great shower curtain to jazz it up. Just keep the style of your bathroom fittings in mind – are they more retro or modern for example? Because you can get fun bathroom curtains in either style and it is good to have a coherent idea of ​​what you are aiming for in your design.

Shower Curtains to Match Current Scheme

If you already have a color scheme in your bathroom you are a bit more limited, but you will still find plenty of choice. Or choose a plain fabric shower curtain with a separate waterproof liner and enjoy trimming your fabric curtain with toning buttons, braid or applique – anything which is washable and which will add some fun and uniqueness to your bathroom.

Bathroom for Kids

Maybe your bathroom is large for kids and then you will find a whole host of shower curtains to appeal to a young family – ducks, dolphins, fish, cartoon characters to name but a few. Look out for small bathroom shops and department stores which sell bathroom accessories or see online stores for a great selection.