Shower Enclosures

Choosing a shower enclosure sure looks easy enough, but make the wrong choice and your bathroom will be marked for life. This is why you should take your time when deciding which shower enclosure to install. You need to do some research, and enlist the help of a professional. To get you started, here are some basic guidelines.

Types of shower enclosures

The type of shower enclosure you choose should depend very much on how spacious your bathroom is. Shower enclosures with bi-fold doors save space. These types are usually adjustable. The door opens and closes in a way that does not intrude into the room. This shower enclosure is very ideal for tight spaces.

If you have a larger bathroom space, then choose a 'quadrant' shower enclosure. Such a design can be placed in any spacious shower corner. These types typically feature curved pivot doors and attractive aluminum frames. Quadrant shower enclosures are very stylish and chic. They can add instant elegance to big bathrooms.

Modular shower enclosures

As a general rule, you should always purchase shower enclosures that come as modular systems, so that you can easily adjust them to fit a compact bathroom in a small city apartment or a sprawling bathroom in a large country house. Modular shower enclosures are actually quite common these days. Just visit any home depot shop to talk to an authorized representative. They usually accommodate requests for custom made shower enclosures (for a higher price, of course). They will typically visit your home to do the measurements and will install the enclosure free of charge once it is done.

Shower enclosure materials

Also be sure to choose only the best materials for your shower enclosure. The most common ones are toughened safety glass and fiberglass. Frames come in different materials and designs, too. Mid-range shower enclosures have aluminum frames, while luxury shower enclosures have chrome, silver or gold frames.