Shower – What Not to Do When Building a Shower

Have you thought about refurbishing your bathroom recently? While doing so is, most likely a good idea, there are various aspects to be taken into consideration.

Renovating your bathroom can increase real estate by a fair bit, usually much more than your initial investment. Furthermore it can dramatically increase your own well-being in your home. After all, what is more relaxing than a warm, long shower after a stressful day?

To make sure that your new bathroom does not turn into an expensive disaster it is important that you avoid the most common mistakes that people make when refurbishing their bathroom.

Saving money where you should not
Even if your plumber's bill might seem high, this certainly is not where you should start saving money. Picking a reputable company to install your shower is essential, since bad work in this area can, if worst comes to the worst, lead to irreparable damage. This can not only affect your bathroom but your whole house. If you need to economize on something, do so on the tiles.

Shower Curtain or Shower Door – Picking the wrong one
It is a general recommendation to use shower curtains if you have your showers in your bathtub and to use shower doors if you have a separate shower cabin. Shower curtains in combination with a bathtub allow you to maintain flexibility and make full use of your bathtub, while a shower enclosure would restrict it. Shower rooms on top of your shower tray provide you with an absolutely watertight environment and let you enjoy your showers without flooding the bathroom.

Doing too much on your own
As I have already mentioned above, you would be very well advised to make sure that everything that needs to be watertight is installed by someone who knows what he is doing. Believe me, it is not worth saving a few dollars on the plumber and ending up having to renewate half of your house. This does not mean that you can not install your shower head's hose on your own, however.

Choosing A Cheap Shower Head
Not only are cheap shower heads often of poor quality and will break quickly, they are also likely to be a perfect way to waste a vast amount of money in the long run and greatly reduce the comfort of a shower. Cheap shower heads often lack functionality and consume up to three times as much water as properly designed ones, while offering no more, and often even more significantly less comfort for your shower. Be aware that an increased demand for water does not only let your water, but also your electricity bill skyrocket, since that is how water usually being heated.