Silicone in the Kitchen For So Many Tasks

Cooking with silicone provides an easy to store, easy to clean experience in the kitchen. This flexible material that is both heat and cold resistant has exploded in its number of applications for cooking, baking and kitchen preparation in the last several years. This article explores several of these new opportunities to expand your silicone collection.

In the utensils arena, newcomers have expanded the range of applications from more conventional tools such as spatulas, brushes and spoons to honeydew servers, spoon and fork holders, spoon rests, multi-function openings and bottle scrapers. Joining the more prolific pot handle holders are the silicone lemon squeezer, garlic peeler and cake decorating tools. Like other silicone products, these are available in a wide range of colors and shapes. Examples include spoon rests with a frog design and jar openings shaped like a penguin.

For egg preparation, silicone poachers are available in both handle and free floating style. Some free floating egg poachers are designed in fun shapes such as that of a hen or of a cracked egg. In addition, egg frying molds with small handles allow the host to create a perfectly round, heart shaped or even flowed shaped fried egg for their breakfast guests. These fried egg molds may likewise be used to create fun shapes for pancakes.

Some diverse silicone applications that you may or may not see in your local store include cup covers, tea infusers, wine bottle storage holders (a rectangular silicone tray with indentations for lining wine bottles), food ties, bag ties, ice cream molds, collapsible cups and even a turkey sling / lifter!

As you can see, only the imagination limits the possibilities for silicone in the world or cooking and food preparation.