Silver and Chrome Wedding Favors

The chrome-like shine of silver makes a sleek and sophisticated statement at weddings. Silver complements the dazzle of crystal and glass perfectly, as well as sets off dark velvets. It also goes nicely with the soft whites and creams at traditional wedding reception decor. Matching your wedding favors to your silver décor could be a stylish gift to your guests. So, if you would like to wow your guests with a touch of class in the form of silver wedding favors then here are some tips.

Silver bottle stoppers and silver bottle openings are what oze class at your wine themed wedding. If you are having a champagne themed party, how about silver champagne buckets? Giving your guests favors like silver corkscrews and silver goblets or even wine glasses that are personalized with etching in silver will really be treasured wedding favors.

Giving your maid of honor and bridesmaids sparkly, chrome finished makeup kits will be something they will thank you for. Your silver makeup kit could contain accessories like a heart shaped mirror and compact party favor or a heart silver manicure kit. You could also include a silvery lipstick holder and what not. Just see what suits your budget and compile some great chrome items in a cute metallic pouch that is personalized for you and your friends.

If you are having a very formal affair, packaging your wedding favors in sophisticated personalized silver favor boxes that are initialed in decorative lettering, decorated with organza bows, again in metallic finish, and silver roses is just the thing. Silver photo frames available in different finishes and desk clock card holders with bookmarks and paperclips in chrome are very good men's gifts that you can give to the groom's friends. Silver luggage tags with engraved lettering and if your groom loves chess, you could give away mini silver chess sets in travel cases.

Silver plated candies and silvered Jordan almonds are edibles that your guests will appreciate, especially if you package these in silver wire baskets. Silver and crystal sun catchers are perfect silver wedding favors for garden themed parties. Victorian parties can look back to the era with silver tea spoons, little teapot silver place card holders, silver spreaders, silver tea infusers and also silver whisks. A set of silver salt and pepper shakers monogrammed with the bride and groom's initials are perfect for your wedding reception tables.

Luminous votives that are placed in personalized boxes are two as bright when lit and reflect their glow from the lids of the silver boxes. Silver scrolling wraps for candles, be it your uniform candle or personalized ones for your guests, are beautiful and exquisite looking on pillar candles.

Finally, not only do they look classy and elegant, but are also extremely affordable if you are buying them from the many online stores that offer you a host of silver and chrome wedding favors. Silver décor items that are available in a host of different silver textures include silver tone, silver plate, chrome or brushed silver.