Some Tips To Help You Organize A Tiny Bathroom

No one wants a small bathroom. Those with large bathrooms indulge in them, and those with small bathrooms, bang their elbows, curse excessively, and dream of fat tubs with lots of bubbles and ample floor space. Although we may dream of big bathrooms, the truth of the matter is that sometimes we just can not afford a john the size of our bedroom, especially if you're renting an apartment. After all, beggers can not be choosers, and if we have to choose between feeding our families and expanding our bathrooms, the pitiful eyes at the supper table will always win out. So how does a person make the most of his teeny, tiny bathroom while avoiding bruised appendages and filthy slang?

First of all, consider how to get rid of the clutter or to hide it in the bathrooms. Some not so clever bathroom designers at one time thought they could maximize a small bathroom's use by including a closet near the bathroom for extra space. Unfortunately, many individuals find these to be adequate storage but poor in their placement as they have to walk out of the bathroom to get whatever makeup, hair gel, or shaver they might need.

To maximize your space, consider some of the great space savers that exist today. At the top of the list is the medicine cabinet. This is not a new idea, but it works great to keep unwanted clutter off the sink. Try to find a recessed one. This will give you even more space and less the chances of you nailing your shoulder on it and knocking it off the wall every time you turn around. A medicine cabinet has the potential to literally wipe your vanity clean of the makeup, combs, brushes, and other accessories that we deem necessary for daily survival.

Above the toilet storage units can save you a real headache as well. If you've got the wall space, look for the cabinets with long legs that straddle the toilet and hold up either shelves, cabinets, or both. Again, these little devices have the potential to make your bathroom clutter free.

If little hands and feet also use your bathroom and like to clutter it up with their floating boats and rubber duckies, purchase a small plastic bin for each child's clutter. Then make sure that the clutter goes with the child and does not stay in the bathroom. You can put their shampoo, conditioner, and toys in it to keep their goodies out of the bathroom when they are not using them.

Small bathrooms are a reality, and we should not make them the Bain of our existence. Instead, we just need to reevaluate how we can best utilize the space and count our blessings in the process. After all, the less bathroom you have, the less bathroom you must clean.