February 28, 2021


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Sponsored: Renovated bright, modern kitchen is a dream come true

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By the spring, Dale and Kristal were ready to move ahead. They selected Westend Bath and Kitchen, a company that has been in the business of creating dream-fulfilling spaces for over 30 years, to turn their cramped kitchen into a welcoming, open-concept area.

The starting point in any renovation, explains Kendra Brunet, the Westend Bath and Kitchen designer who headed the project, is to ask customers their goals and exactly what they want to change. Are they looking for more storage, brighter lighting, opening up the space, more convenient placement of the key triangle of oven, refrigerator and sink, and so on? As Westend’s website points out: “Having everything you need close at hand saves time and energy, and makes cooking and entertaining a joy. Renovating also affords the opportunity to upgrade appliances, for better function and energy efficiency.”

In Dale and Kristal’s case, they had already drawn up some plans and it was evident that they had thought long and hard about the look and amenities they wanted for their custom kitchen, says Brunet.

“You could tell that they had been planning their kitchen renovation for some time. They had a really clear vision and knew exactly what they wanted.”

“Kendra just took my design and ran with it,” says Kristal. “She and the whole crew who came in were fantastic.”

As part of the plan was to take down one or more load-bearing walls, structural engineer Mathieu Gadient was called in to ensure that all safety and code requirements were met before the teardown began.

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