Steel Knife Block – House Your Knives for Life

A quality cutlery set is a precious investment. They are household essentials that do not come cheap. However, if you choose the right set with the right knives, you'll soon see yourself using them for years to come.

Knives are tough because they are mostly made from steel. You'll almost always always see rust on the good ones especially if you take care of them well. They will lose their sharpness for sure, but they can always be re-sharpened. With that in mind, the only thing left for you to do is add in proper care.

So, how does one properly take care of knives? Simple: proper washing, drying, and storing. Wash each knife with the proper detergent after each use. Dry the knives with terry cloth towels (or any dishwashing towel) preferably right after washing to avoid rust and water spots. And finally, store them properly.

Come to think of it, most of your knife's hours are spent in storage. During storage, time takes it toll. To make sure your knives experience no other stress, store them properly-face down without any pressure on the blade. This is made easy by using knife blocks.

A knife block is basically a knife holder wherein the blades are inserted downwards (sometimes at an angle) into slots. The blades are housed within the block. This serves two main purposes: protect the blades from the elements and hide the sharp blades from accidentally cutting someone.

Knife blocks are usually made from wood or steel. However, wood is porous and is therefore before to moisture. Moisture can keep the blade damp and make it last to rust.

Steel knife blocks do a better job of protecting metal because they are solid and non-porous, keeping moisture away. They are also less prone to breaking and will keep their appearance longer because the blades can not make "accidental" dents on them.

A quality steel knife block is a good investment for your already well-invested knife or cutlery set. Protect this investment properly and you'll be sure to use them for many, many years.