Step 2 Kitchen

Step2 is a company that makes innovative toys and Promotes the encouragement of imaginative, creative play in young children by sharing helpful information on the topic through their blog CreativePlayPlus.

Based in Ohio, Step2 is the world's largest rotational molder of toys and home products like mail boxes and trash cans. It is also the largest American manufacturer of toddler and preschooler toys. Step2 makes a variety of play kitchens for ages 2 to 6.

One of the smaller play kitchens by Step2 is the Custom Kitchen. The appliances have a stainless steel appearance and the counter tops are made to look like granite in your choice of green or maroon. It comes with a 17-piece accessory kit, and has a framed window, plate rack, storage shelf, plus many drawers and cabinets.

Step2 has several medium sized play kitchens, like the Party Time Kitchen. It has access on three sides and comes with a big set of accessories that has everything to "stock" the kitchen with. Like with the Custom Kitchen, the Party Time Kitchen has "stainless steel" appliances, plus electronic microwave, stove top, phone, light, and clock. It requires 5 AA and 5 batteries, not included.

The premium play kitchen from Step2 is the LifeStyle Deluxe kitchen, the largest of the lot. It is very realistic looking and has a lot of storage space to hold all the pieces to the accessory set, which includes pots and pans, baskets, and play food. It has 6 electronic features that make "cooking" sounds, and the kitchen has a framed window complete with overhead light. The sink even has a play pull-out sprayer. This one requires 14 AA batteries to power all the electronics.

Imaginative role play is one of the ways that young children learn about the world and how to get along in it. Step2 kitchens are great for little boys and girls who want to feel like they're using a real kitchen like mom and dad's.