April 23, 2021


Home Improvement

The Benefits of Installing a Chlorine Water Filter

Chlorine is used for purification in municipal water (H2O) systems and in public swimming pools. It is a disinfectant which kills bacteria and other contaminants that are harmful to the body. When explained it can be lethal, as was proved by Germany in World War I. When used in public systems it is diluted to a safe level, however many people use a chlorine water filter to avoid having it contact with their body.

As a bleach, when chlorine hits the body it "bleaches" out the natural oils on the skin and the hair. Many people have found that showering leaves their skin dry and sometimes a rash developments. The hair also loses its natural oils and becomes brittle and dry.

Studies have found that the steam from a shower is inhaled into the body, affecting the nasal cavities, the lungs, throat and other parts of the body. It has been reported that the steam from one shower is equal to a full day of drinking water. For this reason, many people have found it advantageous to install a chlorine shower filter in their bathroom.

These filters can be purchased for the sink, H2O bottles, shower or anywhere that one is in contact with chlorinated H2O. These filters then remove the chlorine and prevent it from going into or on the body. Many people have found a great improvement in their hair, skin and over-all feeling.

Studies have been made concerning the affect that constant use of chlorine has on one's over-all health. This has particular concern pregnant women and the unborn fetus. Anyone with this condition should do some research and determine if they should take steps to remove the chlorine by using filters.

Certified filter units are available and are easily installed. They remove the chlorine, hence removing any contact between the body and the bleach in chlorine. Many people have found this an excellent way to drink H2O that tastes like it came from the old fashioned well. Anyone who has had that experience knows that sweet, pure taste.

A chlorine filter is available for any water outlet in the home. They are easy to install and there are certain guarantees with each unit. While chlorine is necessary to assure users that all bacteria and other contaminants have been eliminated when it comes out of the faucet, all that remains is the chlorine, which can easily be removed with a filter.